Assistance Needed! Please help our Brother in Blue from Clifton Police PBA 36

Please see this official statement from Nick Hriczov Clifton PBA 36 President who represents the Clifton Police Department. Please help our Brother in Blue from Clifton Police PBA 36.

Friends and Family,

Unfortunately one of our own, Patrolman Mike Howe, has suffered a stroke while vacationing in Aruba this past week. The only way for him to return to the US was by medivac since he has no use of his left side. The cost for this service is $38,000. We are asking friends and family to help by donating whatever you can afford to help ease the burden of such a high cost.

Patrolman Howe has been a member of the Clifton Police Department since 2003. He is also an Army veteran who has fought for this country in a number of Iraqi wars including Desert Storm.

If you would like to donate please visit the page below. (

Every donation will be greatly appreciated. I thank you all in advance for considering helping out this family in a time of need.


Nicholas Hriczov
PBA Local 36, President

Here is a description from the GoFundMe Page:


Veteran Needs Emergency Assistance

Michael Howe, a.k.a. Mighty, went on vacation to Aruba with his wife Nancy last week.  Unfortunately, Mighty suffered a stroke.  He is now in the hospital in Aruba.  The left side of his body is paralyzed. While we would think that the doctors in Aruba are doing everything they can to help Mighty, his pressure has not gone down much over the past week.  The doctors will not release him, and he is unable to fly home.  We are looking to raise money to have him medivaced home, back to America ASAP.  The cost to have him medivaced is $38,000. We believe that once Mighty is back here in the states, he will get the proper care.

Mighty is a decorated officer with the Clifton Police Force.  He is also a veteran who fought in a number of Iraqi wars, including Desert Storm.

Your donations will be GREATLY appreciated.


Due to the severity of Mighty’s condition, it was best to bring him home sooner rather than later. Several credit cards were used to cover the $38,000 medivac fee.

In addition to the high interest rate on these credit cards, an international transfer fee was also assessed.
Medical costs continue to mount, and health insurance does not cover medi-vac services.

Your continued support will truly be a blessing to the family.

—-Ernestine Howe

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