NJ State FMBA President Ed Donnelly, Congressman Bill Pascrell, and Senator Bob Menendez Speak in Clifton Fire House regarding Cancer Bill for Firefighters

The Clifton Fire Department and Clifton FMBA 21 were honored to hold a press conference this morning on a very important topic. This legislation is very important to the health and safety of every firefighter in the United States. There is no greater friends to the fire service than Congressman Bill Pascrell and Senator Bob Menendez. Clifton Fire Department and Clifton FMBA 21 would like to thank them for their continued support.

H.R. 4625, Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2016 would establish a specialized national cancer registry to improve collection infrastructure and research activities related to monitoring and studying cancer incidence among firefighters. The registry would improve collection capabilities and activities related to the nationwide monitoring of cancer incidence among all firefighters – career and volunteer. Specifically, the registry would:

•  Store and consolidate epidemiological information submitted by healthcare professionals related to cancer incidence among firefighters.
• Make de-identified data available to public health researchers to provide them with robust and comprehensive datasets to expand groundbreaking research.
• Improve our understanding of cancer incidence and could potentially lead to the development of more sophisticated safety protocols and safeguards as more data is collected.
• Ensure effectiveness by requiring its administrators to consult regularly with epidemiologists, public health experts, clinicians, and firefighters.

Tune into your local news for more info on this Important Bill.

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