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FMBA 21 VP Tom Nunn speaks at the NJ FMBA Convention

FMBA 21 VP Tom Nunn speaks about the NJ Firefighter Museum and Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

Today We Remember one of our own LT John Van Dorn Jr

Today we remember one of our own…LT John Van Dorn Jr. Lieutenant John Van Dorn Jr. responded to the World Trade Center voluntarily on September 13, 2001. John passed away from a 9-11 WTC related illness. Lieutenant Van Dorn will be forever missed by his family, friends, and brother firefighters.

Lieutenant John P. Van Dorn Jr
Clifton Fire Department
May 21, 1981 – June 1, 2009

September 11th – Never Forget

Labor Day 2022

Clifton FMBA 21 Welcomes New Recruits

Clifton FMBA 21 would like to welcome our 6 newest members. The 6 new hires are: Joseph Ambrose, Tyler Czupak, Ebony Goolsby, Ryan Murphy, Anthony Pompei, Pablo Torres. The new recruits will do two weeks of introductory training with department Training Captain Bill Legates. The recruits will then be attending approximately 3 months of rigorous training at the Passaic County Fire Academy, followed by 2 months of EMT training.

Chief Frank Prezioso and Captain Bill Legates welcome the new hires.

Clifton fire station damaged by Ida still out of commission a year later

Clifton Fire Station 1 has been closed for 1 year with no plan to reopen soon.

CLIFTON — A year after the heavy rains brought by the remnants of Hurricane Ida flooded and shut down Fire Station 1, it remains out of commission.

Unusable, the Clifton Avenue firehouse will remain closed for at least the next six months.

On Tuesday, the city opened the latest round of bids for repairs, which include removing utilities such as the hot water heater from the basement and reinstalling them higher, where future floods won’t touch them.

The lowest bid received for the work was for $390,000. A separate bid for roof repairs came in at $52,700.

The city’s engineers and attorney must still review the bids, but the city’s purchasing agent, James Jorgensen, said he hopes the paperwork to move forward will be ready for approval at the Sept. 5 City Council meeting. He said that once the contract is signed, the company with the winning bid has 10 days to get the project started and 150 days to complete it.

The city previously received one bid for both jobs for $696,000. That bid was rejected because it came in much higher than expected, Jorgensen said. After that, bids for the two jobs were taken separately.

“That told me that someone was just throwing it up against the wall to see if it will stick,” Jorgensen said,

Firefighters said ideally the fire station should be back immediately.

Since the station, at First Street about one block from Clifton and Main avenues, was shut down, the engine has been operating out of Fire Station 3, several blocks away and across Main Avenue.

Station 3 is also in an old building, built in the 1920s, and while it has bathrooms for men and women firefighters, it lacks separate quarters. Chief Frank Prezioso said the situation is also not optimal because Station 3 does not have a heated bay for the fire engines, an issue in the cold winter months.

Last winter the engine was housed at Station 6, off Broad Street.

Prezioso said he vividly remembers the night Ida hit. Fire crews were out rescuing residents and motorists during the multiple flash floods.

“By the time they got back here, they found things very difficult,” the chief said.

City Manager Nick Villano said it took just a foot of water to render the station inoperable. He said he’s hopeful that once the contract is awarded, things will progress quickly.

“We got it down to the studs at this point,” Villano said.

Retired Clifton Firefighter Rich DeLotto, who worked out of Fire Station 1 for many years, said it is imperative that work get done as soon as possible. It serves part of the oldest section of the city.

“You got to get there pretty quickly,” DeLotto said, “or else there’s going to be trouble.”

-Story by Matt Fagan for

Front Page News – Clifton Journal August 26, 2022
Front Page News – Clifton Journal August 26, 2022

FMBA 21 Email Signup for Updates

Please remember to check the calendar on the right side of the homepage for meetings or events. Some events are passed by vote at out local meetings. Tickets are sometimes covered or partially covered for our members to attend. The events and meetings will also be listed on the Calendar Page.

Also on the homepage there is a box where you can type in your email address. It is on the right side of the site below the contact box and above the calendar widget. Each time that the Clifton FMBA 21 website is updated it will send the new information (posts) to your email so you can keep up with current events. All info will be posted to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages as well. We encourage all active and retired members to sign up.

This is a screenshot of where to signup:

Information below explains how your taxes and pay for Fire and EMS services


The NJ State Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association (NJFMBA) is comprised of over 5,000 active and retired career firefighters, EMS and dispatchers throughout the State of New Jersey. The NJFMBA is dedicated to serving the needs of the public through the highest level of professional service, integrity, and public awareness.

Through these efforts, the NJFMBA has compiled the tax breakdowns for every municipality in New Jersey in order to inform the public how their tax dollars are being spent.

While career fire and EMS departments are available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, with no ability to strike or shutdown, these departments provide the MOST service for the LEAST amount of tax dollar.

Firefighters contribute 10% of their salaries towards their pensions and pay up to 35% of their insurance premiums. In addition, firefighters are ineligible to collect social security benefits, therefore providing a savings to municipalities by removing that obligation to make Social Security contributions.

Firefighters are not an unsustainable expense to the taxpayers of New Jersey; they are a vital and indispensable service!

Below is information regarding how your taxes and how they pay for Fire and EMS services:

Clifton City, Passaic County: The average property tax per household is $8,771.00

The total amount of tax paid per household for your Local Career Fire and EMS Professionals is: $497.75 ($1.36 per day)

The chart to the right displays how little of your average total taxes paid go to support Fire and EMS professionals who are there for your safety and protection 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days of the year.

  • Other Taxes Including County and Schools: $187,392,721
  • Municipal Taxes: $61,333,533
  • Local Career Fire and EMS Taxes: $15,584,300

For more information and to see how much it costs your for your Fire Department and Ambulance Services, visits

An important message to the Citizens of Clifton

To all Clifton residents and businesses,

FMBA Local # 21 is the only organization that represents Clifton Firefighters here in the city. It has come to our attention that outside venders are using our good name and possibly other firefighter groups to solicit money via phone from our residents.

We write to inform you that Clifton FMBA Local #21 does not use telephone solicitors to request donations.

The only donation request you should receive and consider is the one received in the mail direct from Clifton Firefighters FMBA Local # 21 with a return address of 219 Valley Road Clifton, NJ 07013.

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to the new website for Clifton NJ FMBA Local 21. We hope that it serves as a useful tool for the members of our local and for the residents of the City of Clifton. Please check back here for the latest news and upcoming events!

In the coming weeks we will making changes to graphics and images. Stay tuned for updates.

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