Clifton Fire Department Provides Comfort For Animals

Ann-Marie Lancaster of the Clifton Fire Department sorts through the donated blankets for the Clifton Animal Shelter.

CLIFTON, N.J. — The Clifton Fire Department will try to keep the furrier members of the community warm with a blanket collection drive.

The department is collecting blankets to donate to the Clifton Animal Shelter. This is the second year of the fundraiser.

Ann-Marie Lancaster, who works in the fire department’s office, said she saw many animals sleeping on towels and wanted to provide something cozier.

“It gives them a sense of comfort because generally the animals, if they’re adopted, they’ll go home with the blanket they bonded to,” Lancaster told Daily Voice. “It eases the anxiety in the shelter.”

Lancaster collected more than 100 blankets in 2014 and has about 70 so far this year. Most are homemade but people without sewing skills can also donate new ones.

The department seeks 14-by-14-inch blankets for cats and small dogs, or 24-by-24 and 36-by-36 inches for larger breeds.

Evelyn Aekley of the Clifton Animal Shelter said Lancaster is their biggest backer.

“The fire department here in Clifton has been a faithful annual supporter,” Aekley said. “They have always brought their influence to bear on the public to knit blankets. It’s wonderful to know [the animals] will have these lovingly made blankets.”

The department will collect blankets until Dec. 15.

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