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Clifton fire station damaged by Ida still out of commission a year later

Clifton Fire Station 1 has been closed for 1 year with no plan to reopen soon.

CLIFTON — A year after the heavy rains brought by the remnants of Hurricane Ida flooded and shut down Fire Station 1, it remains out of commission.

Unusable, the Clifton Avenue firehouse will remain closed for at least the next six months.

On Tuesday, the city opened the latest round of bids for repairs, which include removing utilities such as the hot water heater from the basement and reinstalling them higher, where future floods won’t touch them.

The lowest bid received for the work was for $390,000. A separate bid for roof repairs came in at $52,700.

The city’s engineers and attorney must still review the bids, but the city’s purchasing agent, James Jorgensen, said he hopes the paperwork to move forward will be ready for approval at the Sept. 5 City Council meeting. He said that once the contract is signed, the company with the winning bid has 10 days to get the project started and 150 days to complete it.

The city previously received one bid for both jobs for $696,000. That bid was rejected because it came in much higher than expected, Jorgensen said. After that, bids for the two jobs were taken separately.

“That told me that someone was just throwing it up against the wall to see if it will stick,” Jorgensen said,

Firefighters said ideally the fire station should be back immediately.

Since the station, at First Street about one block from Clifton and Main avenues, was shut down, the engine has been operating out of Fire Station 3, several blocks away and across Main Avenue.

Station 3 is also in an old building, built in the 1920s, and while it has bathrooms for men and women firefighters, it lacks separate quarters. Chief Frank Prezioso said the situation is also not optimal because Station 3 does not have a heated bay for the fire engines, an issue in the cold winter months.

Last winter the engine was housed at Station 6, off Broad Street.

Prezioso said he vividly remembers the night Ida hit. Fire crews were out rescuing residents and motorists during the multiple flash floods.

“By the time they got back here, they found things very difficult,” the chief said.

City Manager Nick Villano said it took just a foot of water to render the station inoperable. He said he’s hopeful that once the contract is awarded, things will progress quickly.

“We got it down to the studs at this point,” Villano said.

Retired Clifton Firefighter Rich DeLotto, who worked out of Fire Station 1 for many years, said it is imperative that work get done as soon as possible. It serves part of the oldest section of the city.

“You got to get there pretty quickly,” DeLotto said, “or else there’s going to be trouble.”

-Story by Matt Fagan for

Front Page News – Clifton Journal August 26, 2022
Front Page News – Clifton Journal August 26, 2022

Don’t Forget!

Please Shovel Your Nearest Fire Hydrant!


Help Us, Help You- Please Shovel Your Nearest Fire Hydrant!

A message about Winter Storm Stella…

From the Clifton Fire Department Office of Emergency Management:


If you do not have to be on the road stay home and allow the DPW to clear the roads.


If possible please move all vehicles off the road so the plows can remove the snow from curb to curb on the streets.


Once the roads are plowed and cleared please do not place any items in the road to save parking spaces. These items create safety hazards and will be removed and discarded.


Please assist the Fire Department by clearing any fire hydrants in front of your property. If you are elderly or unable to clear the fire hydrant please mark the location of the fire hydrant as best as possible to assist the fire department in locating it and shoveling it out.


Please be vigilant of your neighbors in case they need assistance.


In case of an emergency call 911 and the fire and police departments will respond to assist you with your needs.


Thank you for your assistance , and as always be safe.

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Firefighter Thomas Lancaster, Congrats on Your Retirement!


FMBA 21 would like to congratulate Firefighter Thomas Lancaster for his 29 years of service to the Clifton Fire Department.

Good luck in your retirement and future endeavors!


 Retirement Audio Clip from Clifton Fire Department Radio


Thank You Residents- Toys for Tots Collection

Thank you Clifton residents for your donations to our annual Toys for Tots program!

Pictured above from Station 5 on Brighton Road are: FF Steve Kochik, FF Ryan Laurice (Toys for Tots Program Coordinator), FF Thomas Lancaster, FF Doug Yates, and Captain Ryan Fitzsimmons.

Congratulations New Recruits on Graduating from the Fire Academy

Tonight, Clifton’s newest Firefighters graduated from the Fire Academy. Congratulations and Welcome Aboard!

Pictured above from Left to Right: Captain Chris Botta- Training Division, Deputy Chief Brian Mulligan, Chief of Department Kevin McCarthy, Mayor James Anzaldi, City Manager Nick Villano, Personnel Director Doug Johnson, FF Samantha Kirk, FF Andrew Van Woudenberg, FF william Hughes, FF Dean Schwaner, and FF Felix Ventura.

Captain Alfred DiMartino, Congrats on Your Retirement!


FMBA 21 would like to congratulate Captain Alfred DiMartino for his 29 years of service to the Clifton Fire Department.

Good luck in your retirement and future endeavors!

 Retirement Audio Clip from Clifton Fire Department Radio

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