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FMBA 21 Email Signup for Updates

Please remember to check the calendar on the right side of the homepage for meetings or events. Some events are passed by vote at out local meetings. Tickets are sometimes covered or partially covered for our members to attend. The events and meetings will also be listed on the Calendar Page.

Also on the homepage there is a box where you can type in your email address. It is on the right side of the site below the contact box and above the calendar widget. Each time that the Clifton FMBA 21 website is updated it will send the new information (posts) to your email so you can keep up with current events. All info will be posted to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages as well. We encourage all active and retired members to sign up.

This is a screenshot of where to signup:

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to the new website for Clifton NJ FMBA Local 21. We hope that it serves as a useful tool for the members of our local and for the residents of the City of Clifton. Please check back here for the latest news and upcoming events!

In the coming weeks we will making changes to graphics and images. Stay tuned for updates.

West Orange Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

On Sunday, March 12, more than 30 members of Clifton FMBA Local 21 joined with members of Paterson FMBA Local 2 to march in the West Orange St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“Irish Americans have traditionally played a proud role in protecting our communities through the fire service,” stated John Beard, President, Clifton FMBA Local 21. “Our departments are now much more diverse, giving us ample opportunities to celebrate the many cultures that now work together to make ours the greatest job in the world!”

–Story by Steve Lenox Consulting

Don’t Forget!

Please Shovel Your Nearest Fire Hydrant!


Help Us, Help You- Please Shovel Your Nearest Fire Hydrant!

A message about Winter Storm Stella…

From the Clifton Fire Department Office of Emergency Management:


If you do not have to be on the road stay home and allow the DPW to clear the roads.


If possible please move all vehicles off the road so the plows can remove the snow from curb to curb on the streets.


Once the roads are plowed and cleared please do not place any items in the road to save parking spaces. These items create safety hazards and will be removed and discarded.


Please assist the Fire Department by clearing any fire hydrants in front of your property. If you are elderly or unable to clear the fire hydrant please mark the location of the fire hydrant as best as possible to assist the fire department in locating it and shoveling it out.


Please be vigilant of your neighbors in case they need assistance.


In case of an emergency call 911 and the fire and police departments will respond to assist you with your needs.


Thank you for your assistance , and as always be safe.

In Like Flynn- NJ FMBA Cooked and Uncorked 2017

Clifton FMBA 21 members recently placed 2nd place in the Annual NJ FMBA Cooked and Uncorked fundraiser. Pictured from right to left: Tim Flynn, Tom Slanina, Andrew Intili, and President John Beard. See article above for more details.

Change your clock! Change your batteries!

Couple more days to get your Beefsteak Tickets!

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